Clips from the album Fly in mp3

Sweet Angel


Sweet Boogie


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Whilst at Hotshot Record’s Sam produced 4 albums. The first with Mark Cresswell (Tinita Tikaram’s guitarist) producing had an acoustic earthy feel, with double bass, drums, guitar and Sam on piano and vocal’s.

Next came Sam’s Uforia with herself on keyboards and a funky band, graduates of Leeds College of Music. This is available from Hotshot Records.

Another album was recorded with Sam’s Uforia at Band On the Wall, Manchester with Skip McDonald producing.

The last album with Hotshot was produced again by Skip McDonald and has a world class feel with elements of jazz, blues, hip-hop, African rhythms, and a Native American chant which was produced after Sam had a dream about Sioux Indians. Negotiations are under way to determine its future.

Sam has released a solo album, Fly on her own record label, FlyFree Records. It was dedicated to the loving memory of Fly her lurcher.

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